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Gordon Murray reportedly developing electric SUVs – Car Planet
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    Gordon Murray reportedly developing electric SUVs

    Gordon Murray Automotive, the new car company of McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray, is currently putting the final touches on a pair of V-12 supercars.

    While the company is committed to offering V-12 cars as long as emission rules allow, it will also soon offer electric vehicles in preparation for a post internal-combustion engine era—and some of these EVs will be SUVs.

    In an interview with Autocar published on Monday, Murray said he has two electric SUVs in the works, one thought to be for GMA and the other for another automaker.

    One SUV will feature four seats and front-wheel drive and the other five seats and four-wheel drive. Pricing will be more accessible than the seven-figure price tags of GMA’s supercars, and the SUVs will “change the way we think about range anxiety and vehicle dynamics,” Murray said.

    Gordon Murray Automotive T.33

    Gordon Murray Automotive T.33

    The SUVs are being developed by the separate company Gordon Murray Design, and will use a platform developed by yet another company within the Gordon Murray Group, the recently established Gordon Murray Electronics.

    According to Autocar, the SUVs will take advantage of Murray’s iStream design and production process, where instead of traditional unibody and stamped metal production, cars are assembled using tubular frames in combination with pre-assembled composite panels featuring a honeycomb structure. iStream is claimed to not only save weight but also make production easier and more flexible.

    Release dates for the SUVs weren’t mentioned.

    As for GMA’s existing models, the T.50 supercar is due to start production later this year. The T.33 supercar will then follow into production in 2024. GMA then plans to offer electrified supercars, with the T.33 confirmed as GMA’s last V-12 model devoid of electrification.

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