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This Single Bugatti Chiron Option Costs One New Lamborghini – Car Planet
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    This Single Bugatti Chiron Option Costs One New Lamborghini

    Supercars cost a lot of money. If we’re to discuss base pricing, we’d be talking six digits of hard-earned dollars. For example, the most affordable Lamborghini you can buy is the Huracan Evo RWD coupe, which starts at around $208,000 – much more if you want to add options.

    However, the Bugatti Chiron’s pricing takes it up a notch. Base pricing starts at millions – that’s if you’re one of the few who are actually qualified for a built slot. But if you want a Chiron on Blue Royal Carbon livery, you’d have to dish out $222,500 more.


    That’s according to GTBoard, which posted a list of options for a Bugatti Chiron on its Facebook page. The list of options posted is for the 273-mph Bugatti Chiron Super Sport that costs $3,825,000 and is limited to just nine slots (all sold, sorry).

    The special blue color is the most expensive option, according to the list, but the other enhancements to the W16 supercar aren’t cheap either. Sky View, which adds a glass roof for the Chiron, is priced at $62,000 – way more than a brand new 2022 Volkswagen Golf R.

    This basically shows us the conundrum that these one-percenters are facing. They can either buy a Chiron Super Sport in Blue Royal Carbon livery with Sky View, or settle for a non-paid color option and a normal roof then get a new Huracan Evo for the spouse and a Golf R for the favorite child. Tough choice.

    But let’s give credit to these one-percenters. We don’t think the prices of these options are actually a problem for the buyers of these extremely expensive cars. It’s just fascinating to know at this point.

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