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Hear The Incredible Aston Martin Valkyrie’s V12 Wail On Public Roads – Car Planet
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    Hear The Incredible Aston Martin Valkyrie’s V12 Wail On Public Roads

    We’re on the cusp of a hypercar golden age. The introduction of a new Le Mans Hypercar class, the shift to electrified performance, and the explosion in the ultra-wealthy population is driving automakers to release ever more extreme performance cars. The Aston Martin Valkyrie is just such a vehicle, and now we have the first confirmed footage of a customer-owned vehicle on public roads.

    Sent to by an anonymous car spotter, this menacing green Valkyrie was found on the streets of Munich last Friday, capturing the attention of other drivers with its low-slung, near-open-wheel design and the shrill (and increasingly rare) V12 sounds coming out the twin exhausts. We always thought Aston’s first hypercar looked appropriately extreme, but seeing it on the Autobahn alongside Volkswagen Golfs and Alfa Romeo MiTos, it looks positively alien.

    Aston Martin Valkyrie

    We don’t know who the lucky owner of this $3-million limited-run road weapon is but based on the video they seemed to be relishing their Valkyrie ownership. Angry blasts of acceleration and a particularly awesome sprint through a tunnel show they aren’t afraid to let the 1,160-horserpower car loose. Unfortunately, with Aston limiting Valkyrie production to just 150 units, this video may well be as close as many of us get to seeing one in the flesh.

    For those that need a refresher, Aston Martin announced the Valkyrie as the AM-RB001, a joint development with the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, back in 2016. Designed with input from legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey, RBR team principal Christian Horner called the Valkyrie “a diffuser on wheels” in an exclusive interview with back in October 2018.

    Aston Martin Valkyrie

    In addition to F1-derived aerodynamics, the Valkyrie packs a kinetic energy recovery system from Rimac to complement its Cosworth-sourced 6.5-liter V12 engine. There’s also an active suspension, although it wasn’t working when Newey drove the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2021. In November, Aston Martin confirmed that it had completed production of the first Valkyries, and was planning to start deliveries in a few weeks.

    We’ve reached out to Aston Martin for comment. According to spokesman Nathan Hoyt, “this is a customer-delivered car and not a road going prototype.” The company has delivered 10 Valkyries so far, with a mix of road-going examples like the one featured here, as well as the track-only AMR Pro.

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