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Toyota GR GT3 concept ready to rock 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon – Car Planet
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    Toyota GR GT3 concept ready to rock 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon

    Toyota will use the upcoming 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon to present the GR GT3 concept, a teaser for which was released by the automaker on Friday.

    The GR GT3 appears to feature a long hood, plus a sleek body devoid of the overstyled rear fender seen on the Supra. It’s hard to judge but it also appears that the GR GT3 features a wraparound taillight design that stretches almost to the rear wheel arch.

    The GR GT3 has been developed by Toyota’s Gazoo Racing motorsport division and is described as a dedicated race car, meaning we’re unlikely to see a road-going variant. It’s possible the concept results in a GT3-spec customer race car, however.

    Toyota already offers up a Supra GT4 customer race car, as well as Supra-based race cars designed for Japan’s Super GT touring car series, so a new GT3 customer race car wouldn’t be an unusual move.

    Toyota Supra GT4 launch

    Toyota Supra GT4 launch

    In a statement released alongside the teaser, Toyota said the technology and knowledge gained through motorsport activities is used in the creation of new road cars.

    Toyota is known to be working on at least two new sports cars, both electric. One is a small sports car with styling resembling a modern MR2. The other will be a supercar to top the Lexus brand. Toyota is also close to launching a GR Corollo hot hatch, including in the U.S.

    The Tokyo Auto Saloon runs January 14-16. Toyota will also use the tuner fest to present a modified GR Yaris.

    For more Tokyo Auto Salon news, head to our dedicated hub.

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