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Chrysler Airflow concept, likely electric, debuting at 2022 CES – Car Planet
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    Chrysler Airflow concept, likely electric, debuting at 2022 CES

    Stellantis will unveil a Chrysler Airflow concept at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Jan. 5.

    The automaker announced the Airflow concept Tuesday in a press release detailing its 2022 CES activities, but didn’t provide any other information. It’s likely that the concept will be electric, however, in keeping with Stellantis’ upcoming EV push.

    Launched in 1934, the original Airflow (actually a family of models) was the first production car designed for low aerodynamic drag using a wind tunnel. The Airflow’s distinctive styling minimized drag, but also proved polarizing. Chrysler switched to a more conventional grille after just model year, and dropped the Airflow after 1937.

    While it was a sales dud, the Airflow is remembered today for its engineering innovation. It moved the engine forward, which improved passenger space. Passengers sat between the axles, which improved comfort. Airline engineering principles created a lighter, stiffer body, and it was fast for the day. Chrysler previously used the name for the Airflow Vision concept unveiled at CES 2020.

    Stellantis at 2022 CES

    Stellantis at 2022 CES

    Stellantis’ CES booth will also feature the Jeep Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee plug-in hybrids, the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, and the latest Fiat 500. Stellantis hasn’t discussed plans to sell this all-electric version of Fiat’s retro hatchback in the U.S., however.

    1934 Chrysler Airflow on Jay Leno's Garage

    1934 Chrysler Airflow on Jay Leno’s Garage

    Stellantis will also show the Citroën Ami neighborhood electric vehicle, Citroën Skate EV concept, and the DS E-Tense FE21 Formula E race car, despite the fact that Citroën and DS don’t currently sell cars in the U.S. The Ami is coming here as part of the Stellantis-owned Free2Move mobility service, however.

    The Chrysler brand has languished for years with just a two-vehicle lineup. Stellantis appointed Ford veteran Christine Feuell as Chrysler CEO in September to lead a turnaround, but now that Chrysler is just one of 14 global Stellantis brands, finding the resources for that may prove difficult.

    Stellantis over the coming years is set to transition its lineup to a handful of EV platforms. In July, the automaker confirmed plans for a Dodge electric muscle car, an electric Ram pickup truck, and a whole range of Jeep EVs, but Chrysler wasn’t mentioned.

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